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Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute SSEI

Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute SSEI

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Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute (SSEI) is a top educational organization in India that offers a wide range of education and training programs. These programs cover various areas such as professional accountancy, financial training, financial markets, and postgraduate/undergraduate degrees.

SSEI's reach has grown significantly over time, with a presence in over 100 locations across India. They offer both domestic courses like CA, CS, CMA, and international courses like CFA, FRM, ACCA, and CPA.

The instructors at Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute (SSEI) are dedicated to providing effective teaching and follow a well-structured approach throughout the coaching period. This ensures that the courses are completed on time and includes regular discussion sessions.

SSEI takes pride in having a highly competent and qualified team of faculty members who are committed to delivering the best quality training.

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You can find online classes from the faculties at Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute (SSEI) below: