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CA Direct Entry Scheme by ICAI for Graduates in 2024

CA Direct Entry Scheme by ICAI for Graduates

By Smart Learning Destination, 21-12-2023

As of August 1, 2012, the CA Direct Entry Scheme was implemented by ICAI. This scheme allows students to enroll directly in the CA Intermediate Course without the need for the CA Foundation entrance test. Discover the specifics for enrolling in CA 2024!

CA Direct Entry Scheme:

If you want to become a Chartered Accountant (CA), there's a special way called the CA Direct Entry Scheme. This method lets you join the CA program without having to take the tough CA Foundation entrance exam. The scheme started on August 1, 2012, and it allows direct enrollment in the CA Intermediate Course, skipping the Foundation test.

This article is an easy guide for those interested in joining CA Intermediate through the ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme in 2024. It explains the simple steps and important information to help you smoothly start your journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant.

ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme Eligibility Criteria:

If you want to join the CA Direct Entry Scheme in 2024, you need to meet certain requirements:

  1. If you have a degree in commerce (either graduate or postgraduate), you should have a minimum score of 55%. For other graduates or postgraduates, the required minimum score is 60%.
  2. If you've passed the Intermediate level exams from the Institute of Companies Secretaries of India (ICSI) or the Indian Institute of Cost Accountants (IIC), you can also apply.

These criteria make it clear what qualifications and conditions you need to fulfill if you're considering the CA Direct Entry New Scheme.

Provisional Registration for Final Year Students:

If you're in your final year of graduation and thinking about the CA Direct Entry Scheme in 2024, here's what you need to know:

  1. Provisional Registration and Training:

  •  You can start your articleship training by provisionally registering for the Intermediate course.
  •  It's important to show proof of passing your graduation exam with the required grades for this provisional registration.

  1. Starting Articleship Training: Once you're provisionally registered, you can begin your articleship training right away.
  2. Timeline for Proof Submission: Submit proof of passing your final-year graduation test and completing ICITSS (Orientation course and Information Technology) within six months.
  3. ICITSS Completion During Provisional Registration: The good news is that you can take and finish ICITSS during the provisional registration period.
  4. Consequences of Not Providing Proof:

  •   If you don't submit the required proof within six months, your registration may be canceled.
  •   Unfortunately, no refunds or credits will be given for any theoretical information learned during the provisional registration period.

Make sure to keep an eye on deadlines to smoothly go through the CA Direct Entry Scheme.

CA Direct Entry Process for Graduates and Post-Graduates:

In this guide for the new CA Direct Entry Scheme, we're simplifying the steps for graduates and post-graduates who want to take the CA Direct Entry Route:

Eligibility Criteria for CA Direct Entry Scheme Graduates & Post-Graduates:

  • If you're from the commerce stream, you can apply with a minimum of 55% marks.
  • For graduates in other streams, a minimum of 60% marks is required.

Preliminary Requirement Before Articleship: Before starting practical training (articleship), it's necessary to complete the ICITSS course, which includes an Orientation Program and Information Technology.

Strategic Preparation: Get ready for the journey by enrolling in a three-year apprenticeship program.

Understanding these key elements makes navigating the CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024 easier. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria, complete the necessary course, and lay the groundwork for a successful three-year apprenticeship.

Direct Entry to CA Scheme: 9-Month Articleship Prior to CA Intermediate

Follow these simple steps for a successful journey through the CA Direct Entry Scheme with a 9-month Articleship before the CA Inter Exam:

Step 1: Begin your journey by registering with ICAI for CA Inter (detailed instructions below).

Step 2: Register and successfully complete the 4-week ICITSS (Orientation Program and Information Technology).

Step 3: Register for a 3-year Articleship, completing 9 months before facing the CA Inter Exam.

Step 4: Study simultaneously while undergoing Articleship.

Step 5: Appear and pass both CA Inter groups.

Step 6: Register for CA Final after clearing both groups of CA Inter.

Step 7: Undergo 4 weeks of AICITSS during the last two years of practical training just before the CA Final Examination.

Step 8: Appear for the CA Final Exam within the last six months of the Articleship.

Step 9: Qualify both groups of CA Final.

Step 10: Successfully complete Articleship and proudly become a Member of ICAI.

Direct Entry to CA Scheme: Process for Students who have Passed Inter Exams of ICSI/ICWA

Here are the guidelines for students who have passed the Intermediate exams of ICSI/ICWA:

  1. Enrollment for CA Intermediate: Those who have cleared the Intermediate level of ICSI or ICWA can directly enroll for the CA Intermediate level.
  2. Uniform Registration Process: The registration process is the same for these students, removing any differences from the standard path.
  3. Eight-Month Study Period: After registration, students need to complete an eight-month study period before attempting the CA Intermediate Exams.
  4. CA Intermediate Exam: Students can choose to take and pass either one or both categories of the CA Intermediate exam.
  5. Articleship Training Enrollment: After clearing either one or both groups of the CA Intermediate exam, students can enroll in the three-year articleship training scheme.
  6. CA Final Exam Registration: Following successful completion of CA Intermediate, students can register for the CA Final exam.
  7. AICITS Training Integration: Complete four weeks of AICITS training during the last two years of practical training but before taking the Final Examination.
  8. Strategic Final Exam Timing: During the last six months of articleship training, students can sit for the CA Final Examination.
  9. Completion of Articleship: Successfully complete the three-year articleship training.
  10. Qualification in CA Finals: Achieve qualification in both groups of the CA Final Examination.
  11. Membership with ICAI: Become a proud member of ICAI, marking the culmination of the CA Direct Entry journey.

How to register for CA Direct Entry Scheme? 

Follow these simple steps for a hassle-free enrollment process with the CA Direct Entry Scheme:

Step 1: Visit the Website: Go to and click on "Self-Service Portal."

Step 2: New User Registration: If you're a first-time user, click on "First-time User (New Student). Click here."

Step 3: Fill in Personal Details: Complete your personal details in the online form, making sure they match your 10th/12th certificate.

Note: Use your own mobile number and email for communication and OTP purposes. No changes are allowed after form submission.

Step 4: Account Activation: Once your account is created, check your email for login details and password.

Step 5: Registration Form: Proceed to fill out the registration form online, starting with personal details.

Step 6:Qualifications and Documents: Provide information about your qualifications and upload necessary documents.

  Note: Upload self-attested scanned copies of your documents to avoid application rejection.

Step 7: Document Alternatives: For those in the final year of graduation, attach proof (bonafide certificate) obtained from the University/College.

Note: Acceptable alternatives for the original mark sheet include an attested internet-downloaded statement of marks by the school principal or a practicing Chartered Accountant.

By following these steps, you'll smoothly navigate the ICAI Direct Entry Scheme registration process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with document requirements.

CA Direct Entry Scheme: Fees for Registration

CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024: Registration Fees

Registration Options / Various Charges

Both Groups (INR)

Both Groups (US$)

Registration Fee



Student Activities Fee



Registration fee as an articled assistant



Total Fees



CA Direct Entry Scheme: Fees for Practical Training

CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024: Fees For Practical Training


Intermediate level


Integrated course information technology

Rs 6500

Rs 7000

Soft skills

Rs 7000

Rs 7500

Articleship for 3 years

Rs 2000


CA Direct Entry Scheme: Fees for Final-Level Students

  CA Direct Entry Scheme 2024: Final-Level Student Fees

  Exam Groups

  Registration Fee

  Both Groups

  Rs 22,000

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