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CA CS Anshul Agarwal Classes

CA CS Anshul Agarwal Classes

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Meet CA CS Anshul Agrawal, a person who is both a highly skilled professional and someone with a deep love for creative pursuits. Originally from India, Anshul is not just a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, but also a passionate teacher. He believes in the power of innovation and invention to guide his life.

Anshul is not just limited to numbers and rules; he's a curious learner who explores various aspects of life. He loves gaining knowledge and doesn't keep it to himself. Instead, he shares what he learns with his students and a wider audience.

Outside of the classroom, CA Anshul Agrawal is a multi-talented individual. He creates interesting videos, enjoys singing, is an enthusiastic photographer, and is a motivational speaker. Through his videos and words, he captures fleeting moments, spreads positivity, and leaves a lasting impression on social media.

Although he was born in Jodhpur, raised in Amravati, and studied in Pune, he has also worked abroad and currently resides in Bengaluru. These experiences have enriched his journey in life.

Anshul Agrawal has achieved a lot in his career. He was a Director at Unacademy, a top CA educator, and a strategist at Zero Mile. But he's more than just a professional; he's a social media influencer, a lifestyle vlogger, and an engaging YouTuber.He has also commenced teaching at EKAGRATA CA.

In a world that often categorizes people, Anshul stands as an example of someone who embraces their passions without limits. His life shows what can be achieved with a curious mind, a heart full of passion, and a commitment to sharing knowledge and positivity with everyone.

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Explore the New Syllabus Course for CA:

    1. CA Inter Advance Account Regular Batch By CA CS Anshul Agarwal
    2. CA Inter Costing Regular Batch By CA CS Anshul Agarwal
    3. CA Inter Adv Acc and Law and Tax New Syllabus Combo Regular Batch 
    4. CA Inter Group One New Syllabus Combo Regular Batch
    5. CA Inter Both Group Combo Regular Batch By CA CS Anshul Agarwal CA Abhishek Bansal CA Nishant Kumar CA Darshan Jain
    6. CA Inter Group Two New Syllabus Combo Regular Batch By CA CS Anshul Agarwal CA Abhishek Bansal CA Darshan Jain Prof Jatin Dembla
    7. CA Inter Cost and Audit and FM SM Combo Regular Batch 
    8. CA Foundation Accounting Regular Batch By CA CS Anshul Agarwal
    9. CA Foundation Accounting Fastrack Batch By CA CS Anshul Agarwal
    10. CA Foundation All Subjects Combo Fastrack Batch 



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