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CA Deepika Rathi Classes

CA Deepika Rathi Classes

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CA Deepika Rathi has emerged as a notable figure in the field of Chartered Accountancy education, with a particular focus on CA Foundation Law, CA Inter Law, and Audit. Her journey from being a student to becoming a Chartered Accountant is an inspiring story for aspiring professionals in this domain.

CA Deepika Rathi stands out with her unique teaching style, which excels at simplifying the intricacies of CA Foundation Law, CA Inter Law, and Audit. Her approach combines theoretical concepts with practical writing exercises, earning her the affectionate title of "Law Queen" among her students.

Beyond the classroom, CA Deepika Rathi takes on the role of a mentor and motivator. Her guidance not only imparts knowledge but also instills confidence in tackling the complex Chartered Accountancy curriculum. Her composed demeanor and clear communication make her a well-liked educator.

Born in India and married to Pundrik, Deepika's association with Smart Learning Destination CA Foundation & Inter Courses enhances the institution's reputation for excellence. She offers various teaching formats, including traditional classes, live streams, Google Drive, and pen drive courses for CA Foundation & CA Inter students.

In the competitive world of chartered accounting, CA Deepika Rathi shines as a guiding star. Her impact on CA Foundation Law, CA Inter Law, and Audit education is undeniable. Her journey, teaching methodology, and unwavering commitment have established her as a driving force in CA education, inspiring countless individuals to strive for excellence in the field.

You can explore CA Deepika Rathi classes on Smart Learning Destination, a popular platform for CA classes across the country. They offer a variety of lecture series with the new syllabus. Known for their high success rates, timely services, and positive learning experiences. If you aspire to have a successful career as a CA, you can learn from the best at Smart Learning Destination.

Explore the New Syllabus Course for CA:

  1. CA Foundation Business Laws By CA Deepika Rathi
  2. CA Inter Corporate and Other Laws By CA Deepika Rathi
  3. CA Inter Auditing and Ethics By CA Deepika Rathi



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