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CA Nagendra Sah Classes

CA Nagendra Sah Classes

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Meet CA Nagendra Sah, a Chartered Accountant who excelled in Strategic Financial Management (SFM) with top marks. He's a teacher who specializes in teaching SFM to CA/CMA Final Students and Cost & FM-Eco to CA/CMA Intermediate Students. 

In addition to his expertise in accounting and finance, Nagendra is also a Stock Market Expert. He has a track record of consistently making a profit, and he has received winner's certificates multiple times from the well-known broker, Zerodha. Recently, he was even selected as a Zerodha Star.

CA Nagendra Sah is not only an accomplished educator and Stock Market Expert but also the founder of NS Learning Point.

Nagendra has a unique goal. He doesn't just want to help students pass the CA Exam; he also wants to teach them how to make money in the stock market. He covers various types of trading, including Equity, Bond, Derivative, Currency, Commodity, and Mutual Fund units. He connects theoretical concepts with real financial data from companies and the economy, giving students a practical understanding. He also keeps them informed about government policies, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) policies, Federal policies, and global markets, all of which can impact the Indian stock exchange.

You can explore CA Nagendra Sah classes on Smart Learning Destination, a popular platform for CA classes across the country. They offer a variety of lecture series with the new syllabus. Known for their high success rates, timely services, and positive learning experiences. If you aspire to have a successful career as a CA, you can learn from the best at Smart Learning Destination.

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