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CA Sumit Parashar Classes

CA Sumit Parashar Classes

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CA Sumit Parashar is a highly qualified individual with a Bachelor's degree in computer science and a Master's degree in management. He's an expert in subjects like Information Technology, Information Systems, and Strategic Management. Before he became a teacher, he worked for various big companies.

Because of his expertise in these subjects, he's really good at teaching them, and he can help students understand them well. CA Sumit Parashar is also the founder of "Way to Pinnacle."

For a long time now, he's been teaching subjects like EIS, SM, IT-SM, and ISCA, both in person and through satellite classes. Over the course of his 10-year teaching career, he's achieved significant milestones, with many of his students earning top ranks and getting scores above 80 in his subjects. He's also written books on EIS-SM, IT-SM, and ISCA.

CA Sumit Parashar has extensive experience teaching EIS, SM, IT-SM, and ISCA, and he consistently helps students achieve high scores and exemptions. His teaching style is modern and engaging, making it easier for students to understand concepts and perform well in the subject.

You can explore Sumit Parashar classes on Smart Learning Destination, a popular platform for CA/CS/CMA classes across the country. We offer a variety of lecture series with the new syllabus. Known for their high success rates, timely services, and positive learning experiences. If you aspire to have a successful career as a CA/CS/CMA, you can learn from the best at Smart Learning Destination.

Explore the New Syllabus Classes for CA:

  1. CA Final Advanced Financial Management Regular Batch by CA Sumit Parashar
  2. CA Inter Financial Management and Strategic Management Fastrack Batch by CA Sumit Parashar
  3. CA Inter SM Only Regular Batch by CA Sumit Parashar
  4. CA Inter FM Only Regular Batch by CA Sumit Parashar
  5. CA Inter FM SM Regular Batch by CA Sumit Parashar
  6. CA Foundation All Subject Combo Regular Batch by CA Sumit Parashar



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