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CMA Abhijit Sengupta Classes

CMA Abhijit Sengupta Classes

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CMA Abhijit Sengupta started teaching when he was still a student himself at that time. He was a top performer in Tax at the CA IPCC level and loved teaching so much that he decided to make it his career. His passion for knowledge led him to obtain a CMA certification from the USA. For 19 years, he's been teaching students in various fields, and he's even produced over 50 top-ranking students.

Abhijit Sengupta is an expert in costing, accounting, and direct tax. He believes in teaching based on understanding and logic, rather than just preparing for exams. He's known as 'THE LOGICIAN' among his students because he emphasizes the importance of logic in solving problems.

His teaching style is unique and engaging, and his students love him for it. He's received many awards and praise from both his students and fellow professionals. He's a visiting teacher and guest lecturer at ICAI in Nagpur and other institutions. He also teaches in different states like Kerala, Chattisgarh, and Karnataka.

Here's how he teaches:

  • He uses humor and real-life examples to make topics simple and easy to understand.
  • He focuses on ensuring students truly understand the concepts, not just memorize them.
  • He encourages self-study but is always there to help when needed.
  • He explains the logic behind each topic, so it makes sense.
  • He creates interactive learning experiences by asking on-the-spot puzzle-like questions.
  • He uses innovative teaching methods like animations and videos to make learning fun."

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