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CMA Vipul Shah Classes

CMA Vipul Shah Classes

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CMA Vipul Shah is a well-known teacher, especially when it comes to the Taxation subject. He believes in making sure students understand the concepts clearly, and that's why CA/CS/CMA students really like him. They even call him the "Taxation Guru."

CMA Vipul Shah follows a teaching philosophy that says, "If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." With this idea in mind, he started teaching, and he has helped more than 8000 CA/CS/CMA students score well in Taxation. He focuses on teaching concepts and has come up with strategies to help students remember and understand the topics better.

Here are some special things about his teaching:

  1. He explains the reasons behind each section in detail.
  2. He concentrates on clearing concepts and helping students understand how to use their knowledge practically.
  3. He uses flowcharts and diagrams in his teaching to make things easy to understand.
  4. He offers impactful revision sessions.
  5. He has chapter-wise test series to check how students are progressing.
  6. He keeps students updated with all the latest amendments, case law, notifications, and more.

As for his qualifications, he's a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) with an MBA in Finance and an M. Com in Costing from the University of Pune. He also holds a diploma in Export and Import Management from the Indian Merchant Chamber in Mumbai.

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  2. CMA Inter FMDA By CMA Vipul Shah
  3. CMA INTER Direct and Indirect Taxation By CMA Vipul Shah
  4. CMA Final Indirect Tax Law By CMA Vipul Shah
  5. CS Executive Both Modules Combo



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