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CS GD Saluja Classes

CS GD Saluja Classes

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CS GD Saluja is a member of the ICSI and a graduate of law from Lucknow University. He was the top student in the whole of India in the ICSI exam. For over 5 years, he has been a passionate and engaging teacher, sharing his knowledge about corporate, economic, and commercial laws with thousands of students at the CS Executive and CS Professional levels.

During his article ship (practical training), he learned from experts like Mr. Nesar Ahmed, who was the Past President of ICSI, and Mohd. Nazim Khan. This experience exposed him to various laws related to the corporate world, such as Company Law, Economic Laws, and Labor Laws, giving him a practical understanding of how businesses operate. 

What sets his classes apart are the charts he creates while explaining concepts and his ability to connect and analyze different legal provisions. His students often find that after attending his classes, they develop a newfound interest and a clear understanding of the subject, which helps them succeed in their professional exams.

Over the years, CS GD Saluja has received high praise for his practical and engaging teaching style. His strong foundational concepts have helped students build a solid understanding of the subject, and he is widely recognized as one of the most dynamic law teachers in India. His passion for teaching is unwavering.

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